Information about the coronavirus and Covid19 for children

Did you know that you might have had Covid-19 without knowing? Or do you know how to reduce the risk of your pet getting infected with the coronavirus? This page contains information about Covid-19 for children and teenagers.

About the disease

Can you have already had the coronavirus without knowing?

Yes. It is more common for children to have had it without noticing it than adults. 

How dangerous is the coronavirus for children? 

Researchers who have studied the spread of infection among children have concluded that children very rarely become seriously ill with Covid-19. Children who are infected often only get a little cold and need to rest. This also applies to the new variants of the virus that have arisen. The so-called UK variant seems more contagious, both in adults and children.

About camps and parties

Will there be any camps this summer?

Yes. From 1 June, you can go to camps or take part in sports tournaments where you live or anywhere else in Sweden. It is still important to stay at home if you get a cold and not socialise with a lot of people at the same time.  

When will it be possible to meet older relatives or have a party? What about school graduation ceremonies and student celebrations?

It depends on several things. For example, how many people become infected with Covid-19, how many need to be treated in hospital and how many are vaccinated. This year, it will not be possible for large numbers of people to attend school graduation ceremonies and student celebrations. However later on, if fewer people get infected, it will be possible to have larger parties. Elderly relatives may attend if they have been vaccinated against Covid-19. If you meet people outside your immediate circle of family and friends, you should do so in a way that reduces the risk of infection spreading. Socialise outdoors and keep as much distance as possible from each other.

When will everything return to normal?

Maybe things will never exactly go back to how they were before. We have changed many things. For instance, lots of people are working from home more now. We have learned to be cautious about packing into crowds, and we need to keep our distance from one another. But once the worst is over, returning to normal will depend on how much vaccine we get.


Can pets catch the coronavirus?

The coronavirus transmits mostly between people. Cats, dogs, ferrets and minks can catch Covid-19, but it's pretty unusual. Cats may experience symptoms of illness, but they usually do not become seriously ill. The coronavirus can make minks seriously ill. We don't know if other pets can get Covid-19. If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or know you have Covid-19, you can avoid being near your pet as long as you are ill to be on the safe side. The most important thing you can do to avoid catching diseases from an animal is to always wash your hands with soap and water before and after touching the animal.


Why are children not allowed to get vaccinated?

In Sweden, everyone aged 18 or over can get vaccinated against Covid-19. The vaccine makes you less ill if you become infected. Since children do not get so ill from the coronavirus, they do not need to get vaccinated. Children with any disease that might make them more likely to become seriously ill from the coronavirus can get vaccinated if their doctor decides it is needed.

I am under 18 and have not been vaccinated. Will I be allowed to travel without a vaccine passport?

It depends on what the country you are planning to travel to has decided. Swedish embassies have information about which rules apply in each country. Check the website to see which rules apply in the country you want to visit.    

Can we stay with grandparents this summer if they are vaccinated?  

Yes. As long as they have received two doses of vaccine, it is not dangerous for them.   

How long will it take for everyone to get vaccinated?

It will depend on how much vaccine we receive. At some point during the summer, everyone will have been offered at least one dose of vaccine.

If I am 80 years old and have had two doses of vaccine, when can I hug people?

Approximately two to three weeks after the second dose.

Why is Sweden not getting as much vaccine as other countries?

The EU has jointly purchased vaccines from many companies. So countries in the EU are getting the same amount of vaccine. Countries outside the EU may have received more, but most of them have received less vaccine than we have. It is difficult for poor countries to get vaccines. However, a partnership in which rich countries provide vaccines to poor countries has begun.

About rules and bans

Will people over the age of 18 be allowed to live normally while everyone under 18 has to continue with restrictions?

The same rules will apply to everyone when the spread of infection decreases. It will not matter how old you are.

Isn't it better that the whole of Europe shuts down instead of each country having different rules?

That’s a good idea. But you probably have to do things a little differently in different places. Take Paris and Gällivare for example. Lots of people live in Paris and not so many live in Gällivare, so you need to have different rules.

Do you have to follow the rules if you are under 18?

Yes. If everyone follows the latest advice and tips, the spread of infection will be reduced more quickly and fewer people will fall ill. It doesn't matter if you’re under or over the age of 18.

What might happen if you do not follow the rules?

If lots of people do not follow the various recommendations, such as not meeting so many people, that football matches cannot have large numbers of spectators or that there must be only a few people in cinemas, more people will become ill with Covid-19. You cannot be punished because you have not followed the rules if you, for example, do not own a business or have not organised a major event.

To children and young people

If you are anxious or have any questions about the coronavirus, you can call or chat with the BRIS support line for children. They are open 24 hours a day.

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